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Hannah // Lippy Lady

January 28, 2015 · 0 Comments

I was playing with my favourite lip colours and decided to match them with my current Zafira favs. Here are the looks!


#1 - Lipstick: Mac Mineralize Rich "Be A Lady"

Outfit: Zafira Polka Dot Crop

This cute and flirty lipstick will have you dreaming of summertime. "Be A Lady" is the perfect shade of coral and pairs flawlessly with deep greens and blues. Plus, unlike most lipsticks that dry out your lips, "Be A Lady" is infused with 77-Mineral Moist Complex that instantly nourishes your lips.

#2 - Lipstick: Mac "Chili"

Outfit: Zafira Harper Grace Dress

If you've been searching for a subtle yet sexy red lipstick then look no further. "Chili" is a matte lipstick so it's not too bright or overpowering. I always found wearing red lipstick with a red dress to be so classy and sultry. So go ahead and try wearing it with the Harper Grace Dress. You'll be sure to turn heads!

#3 - Lipstick: Mac "Twig" & Mac "Whirl" Lip Pencil

Outfit: Zafira Relax Romper

This Kylie Jenner inspired lipstick has quickly become one of my favourites. "Twig" is a darker shade of nude with purple undertones, which makes it the perfect lipstick to wear with any black outfit. To complete the Kylie look, wear it with "Whirl" lip pencil.






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