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New Year, Old Me.

January 18, 2016 · 0 Comments

2015 was an interesting year full of changes, growth, and honestly some pretty low moments. I am proud to say that I persevered and pushed through diverse times and character building situations...

It took me a few weeks to recap the year that has passed and capture it into a post. A new year is supposed to be full of resolutions; vows of celibacy towards your deepest darkest vices like ketchup and cosmic bingo.

Yes, I believe goals are something to always aim for and work at and there is always personal development to be done. But, I'm a libra and I believe everything in moderation.  And although it's a new year with a fresh start, it kind of just feels like the same old me ... and is that such a bad thing?#1 Camel backing a wholesale order to a retailer in 30 degrees, sweating, carrying clumsy hangers and garments wrapped in plastic wrap, adding additional stickiness and sweat. I will never forget this 25 minute walk. Making my roommate strap up too, sorry.

#2 Winning $20,000 on a scratch ticket and thanking God for finally giving me the break that I needed in 2015 after lots of personal and professional turmoil. Then figuring out I did not win. 

#3 Having to cancel a pop up shop because of poor planning and disorganization. This is something that was truly disappointing.

#1 Re Launching the new website, thanks to my friend Kaylyn at Gold Prism Creative.

#2 Finding mentors in Toronto that helped me change the way I produce and sell garments as well as change my perspective on how to evolve as a Canadian designer.

#3 Selling out of a dress in 12 hours.

#1 No fear. (Apply where necessary & appropriate.)

#2 Figuring out, again, that life is better when you laugh in the face of it. And at yourself.

#3 Everyone knows something that I do not. I can learn from every single person I meet.

#4 All of these lessons pair nicely with a glass of wine.


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