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Fashion Follies

November 17, 2015 · 0 Comments

It's difficult to imagine the life and journey of a garment we each have in our own closet. We don't want to know where the garment came from, how it was made or where it will end up after we are done with it. We just want to know how many we can get and what is the cheapest price, righttt??? 

Check out these "Haul's" YouTuber's are doing. People LOVE them.

"Fast Fashion" is happening at a social and environmental cost. We may not see the truth hanging in our closet next to our $10 pair of pants, but someone is suffering those consequences.  

I've always been aware of how ugly the fashion industry is but it's film's like "The True Cost", a documentary highlighting the damaging and very flawed model of the fashion industry, that make me again take a moment to think. I produce my garments on Canadian soil, so I figured I was doing the best I can do by avoiding the nasty reality of cheap labour overseas, but it's definitely not. What about the fabric? Where is it manufactured and who is making it? Where are the fibres coming from? What environmental and social impact does this process have?



I won't drag this out, but I encourage you to take a look at this film! We've all got fast fashion pieces in our closets. Yesssssss including me, I have tons. We all need to be a lot more conscious of our consumption.  This goes for any industry; what is the true cost of what we are consuming.

One thing that comes with knowledge, is responsibility.  I will continue to ask questions, do research and try to find better solutions personally and for Zafira until we both are aligned more consciously.


Check out the trailer here below for "The True Cost". 

Interview clips of Livia Firth, Creative Director behind Eco-Age.

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