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Thrifted Ideas

December 02, 2015 · 0 Comments

Hot off the topic of sustainability in fashion, I stumbled on these old photos as I was backing up my laptop to my hard drive.

I am currently researching a lot of ways to source more ethical fabric etc, so to see that I was actually in more of that direction when I first started out, is pretty interesting to look back on! 

For anyone who hasn't heard this story from me before, I started Second Chance Couture after many trips to the thrift store finding these beautiful vintage tunics that had gorgeous prints but were styles or sizes I would or could not wear. I decided to rework these garments and make something really beautiful and wearable!

I knew nothing about sewing, in fact I hated home-ec class; especially sewing. I only found myself excelling during the homemade mac & cheese day. Unfortunately, none of these sewing skills were there for me to call upon when I decided to start this project, and I am very regretful for not paying more attention to Mrs. Zwicker...

Thankfully, I was living at home with my parents at the time, and so was my grandmother who was well seasoned in making clothes for 11 kids. I bought a $100 sewing machine at Wal-mart and had some quick tutorials from Nan and then got to work. I started by changing hems or side seams for a better fit, which then lead to salvaging material and fusing half of a thrifted garment to a new bodice I made. Looking back on the photos, I am actually surprised at how much I was able to figure out how to do!

What started as a few personal projects turned into making pieces for friends and then friends of friends. I also just came across my old Facebook group (which I am not going to share the link to, lol).

I guess the rest is history! It's funny that my original direction is something that I am back considering now. How to incorporate recycled aspects into my collection so that not to create more waste and use what we already have. Maybe I was on to something...




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