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Hey! I'm Conni.

I’m the creative mind, owner and founder of Zafira.

My passion is to create fashion that empowers women to live their truest lives.

It all began on a hunt to one of my favourite thrift stores

If you’re a thrift-junky like me, you get it – so many amazing prints and retro garments that are screaming to be worn. One day I decided that I wanted to transform these unwearable – yet inspiring – pieces that I had collected into something I would actually wear.

So I called my Grandmother and she gave me a few pointers. Then I found a woman on Kijiji in Halifax who taught me how to use a sewing machine. I began revamping a few thrifted gems for myself. From there my friends, friends of friends and complete strangers began asking for these salvaged vintage pieces. And so, my first business – Second Chance Couture – was born.

And Then I Realized Adventures Are the Best Way to Learn

I went to the UK, France, Morocco and  Los Angeles. Then I lived a summer in Greece with a bunch of Aussie girls, who had the most amazing style. I was inspired by the beauty that surrounded me from the people and the food, to the fashion and architecture. These experiences gave me the stories I wanted to tell through my designs.

Zafira Emerges

In order to gain the technical skills I needed, I went to school. I graduated from LaSalle College in Montreal in 2013.  I studied fashion design and specialized in Women’s Wear. I began Zafira during college; part experiment, part source of income #SideGig. People loved it! I believe Zafira resonated with people because the bold colors and fearless prints separate Zafira from other brands, as well as the simplicite look of black and white done right. I learned quickly that my clientele wanted pieces that were practical and transitional but needed to be unique. Through that understanding, Zafira is what it is today.

More about Me

Let’s get to the important stuff - I love chips, specifically Salt & Vinegar. Dill Pickle is a near second; shout out to Covered Bridge Chips. Chocolate milk is my drink of choice.

If I could sing karaoke all day, I would probably do that. I’m very curious and always looking for an adventure; I moved to LA once to become an actor. That clearly didn’t work out, yet...